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years of experience

120 m3/h

capacity of automated concrete plant

240 t/h

capacity of asphalt concrete plant

500 000 t/year

capacity of material extraction plant

Gatis Zvirbulis

Head of CTB group

“CTB” Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the field of complex road construction in Latvia with 20 years successful experience and implementation of projects in Latvia and Lithuania. United group of companies together with “CTB Karjeri” Ltd. and “CTB Betons” Ltd. employs more than 290 highly qualified specialists whose daily routine is road construction and maintenance, paving and manufacturing of construction materials. Group of companies is capable to provide full range of services, starting from idea, design, raw material output and logistics, up to production, performing of construction works and putting unit into exploitation.

Activity of the company is directed to manufacturing of new products, invention of high technologies and improvement of provided services. The group of companies has confirmed itself as one of the most rapid growing and technologically improved enterprises of particular branch in Latvia. “CTB Karjeri” Ltd. is one of the biggest and advanced sand-gravel processing plants in Baltic states and “CTB Betons” Ltd. is the most modern and powerful ready-mix concrete plant in the region.



Pēteris Andrijānovs

Member of the Board CTB

In cooperation with “CTB” Ltd. the construction project management is provided by certified road engineers, more than 200 different types of manufacturing and machinery units are used for implementation of projects in highest standards and time limits. The company is a constant leader by work quality indicators in road construction in state level. “CTB” Ltd. has built and reconstructed hundreds of road kilometres with different surface constructions and solutions for such contractors as SJSC “Latvijas Valsts ceļi”, Ministry of Foreign affairs of Latvia, Liepaja city council, Ventspils city council, as well as construction companies “Binders” Ltd. and “Velve” Ltd.

Activity of company is strengthened by asphalt concrete plant “Benninghoven TBA-240” purchased in 2005 that is completely automated and produces asphalt concrete of highest quality up to 240 tons per hour. Five years ago, the plant was upgraded with recycled asphalt addition equipment Benninghoven RA 150, providing the possibility to apply the equivalent raw materials in production process of asphalt, thus obtaining not only asphalt concrete of highest quality, but also promoting the reiterative usage of road construction by-products. The plant is capable to produce even 100% recycled asphalt. Purchased technology helps to reduce expenses on asphalt mass and the consumption of non-renewable natural resources.

The plan has obtained the certificate of production control No. 1697-CPR-10/003 issued by notified institution “Bureau Veritas Latvia” Ltd. confirming that produced bituminous mixtures used for roads, airfields and other traffic areas comply with all the provisions relating to assessment and verification of constancy of performance.

The company developed, implemented and certified an integrated quality, labour protection and environmental protection system in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001, in implementation of which requirements all the employees of the company are involved.



Andris Jaunciems

Member of the Board CTB Betons

The most powerful and innovative ready-mix concrete plant in region “CTB Betons” Ltd. was founded in 2005. Purchased «Liebherr» technology allows ready-mix concrete plant to produce up to 120 m3 concrete per hour. The plant is equipped with “Polarmatic” heating system, made in Finland, that ensures continuous production cycle even in winter period up to temperature -10°C degrees. The company specialises in production, supply and deposit of ready-mix concrete.

“CTB Betons” Ltd. provides a ready-mix concrete of full range and resistance, concrete for heated floors, hydro concrete and reinforced concrete with metal and polypropylene fibre. The company owns necessary machinery for ready-mix concrete supply and depositing in construction site. The company implements ready-mix concrete delivery with five “Volvo FM 9m3” mixer trucks but the depositing of concrete is implemented by two “Putzmeister” pumps. The big concrete pump has 36 m crane that ensures even spreading of concrete in each corner of construction site and great capacity of pumping. The small concrete pump with 24 m crane and 7m3 barrel allow to supply and pump concrete with one truck. In order to ensure timely supply and high-quality service for the customers, the company invests additional funds in purchase of new and widely usable machinery.

“CTB Betons” Ltd. has obtained the certificate of production control No.15/11, issued by notified institution “Bureau Veritas Latvia” Ltd.  confirming that produced concrete products comply with all the provisions relating to water resistance, freeze resistance and strength.




years of experience


9m3 mixer trucks

120 m3/h

capacity of automatic plant


long concrete pump crane

Kārlis Žāžis

Member of the Board CTB Karjeri

Raw material mining and manufacturing company “CTB Karjeri” Ltd. is founded in 2005 and has one of the biggest and advanced sand-gravel processing plants located in quarry owned by company in Grobiņa region, Bārta parish Krūte. Company has one of the biggest and advanced sand-gravel processing plants in Baltic states. The company manage one of the biggest sand and gravel deposit in South of Kurzeme. The common area of deposit is more than 70 hectares and the power of plant is 500 000 tons of ready production per year.

By founding raw material extraction company and investing in development of the plant, the company gained that treasures of Latvia deposits in the result of complex processing are usable as high quality raw material that can compete and even substitute raw materials obtained in Scandinavia. The company is actively investing in research and acquisition of new mineral deposits.

For company own needs and export the plant produces high quality aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures used in building and road constructions, bituminous mixtures and road, airfield and other traffic site surface processing, as well as for ready-mix concrete and concrete product manufacturing.
“CTB Karjeri” continues to invest time and financial resources in development of new products and modernization of production process by purchasing of new technologies.

“CTB Karjeri” Ltd. has obtained the ISO certificate of production control No. 1697-CPR-10/003, first issued in 2009. Auditing and certificate extension is performed each year, attesting conformity of materials to the standards of Latvia.




years of experience



500 000

tons per year

200 000 m3

processed aggregates