„CTB” Ltd. constantly investing in the development of the company

In order to continue to ensure the quality of the permanently implemented objects, the road construction company „CTB” is in continuous development. Following today’s trends and development of construction services worldwide, the group has invested more than €1.7 million in the company’s development in 2016.ctb-finanses“Our goal is to provide the services and the knowledge of the most experienced specialists, as well as the most advanced techniques and the latest equipment. Conscious of fierce competition in Latvia and also in the Baltic States, the group of companies must be vigilant and dynamic. Last year, the company has turned over €8.9 million, which is a good indicator in assessing the current state of the industry,”, tells Mr Gatis Zvirbulis, the Chairman of the board of “Ceļu, tiltu būvnieks” Ltd. “Our activity is driven by the production of new products, high technology deployment and improvement of service provided. We want to achieve even higher quality performance indicators, and therefore, up to 15% of investments are invested in the development of the company’s car fleet, as well as strengthening the functioning of the road equipment service”, adds Gatis Zvirbulis.

„CTB” Ltd. is one of the leading complex road construction companies in Latvia with successfully implemented projects in Latvia as well as in Lithuania for almost 20 years.

„CTB” Ltd., „CTB Karjeri” Ltd. and „CTB Betons” Ltd. team consists from over 290 highly qualified employees who daily deal with road construction and maintenance, cobblestone laying and raw material production.

We are able to provide a full cycle of construction realization starting from construction idea to its successful realization.

The group of companies is able to provide a complete cycle of construction projects, starting from design, raw material extraction and logistics, up to production, construction works and commissioning of the facility.

„CTB” Ltd. was founded in 1998 in Liepaja.

„CTB” Ltd. Is the only shareholder in two companies „CTB Karjeri” Ltd. and „CTB Betons” Ltd.