CTB takes part in the „Mācies būvniecību 2018”

„Ceļu,tiltu būvnieks” Ltd. take part in professional orientation campaign for young students „Mācies būvniecību 2018”

„Ceļu,tiltu būvnieks” Ltd. is progressive company which is focused on development of the company in long term that is why we are supporting associations „Building Design and Construction Council” (BDCC) to organize campaign „Mācies būvniecību 2018”

Goal of campaign is to attract new and prospective specialists to road construction industry.

“The importance of roads is comparable to the blood circulation of the body, without which the movement and development is impossible, therefore we need educated and progressive specialists in the road construction industry,” says Gatis Zvirbulis, Chairman of the Board of  “Ceļu, tiltu būvnieks” Ltd.

Already at the end of 2017 “Ceļu, tiltu būvnieks” Ltd. called upon students of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies to learn about worthwhile profession of the road construction, arranging an appointment at the newly built office building of the company, as well as students had a practical opportunity to get introduced with the company’s production area.

Association „Building Design and Construction council” (BDCC), who organized campaign „Mācies būvniecību 2018”, also published informative material in which, amongst professionals of industry, was highlighted director of production Kārlis Žāžis and construction manager Matīss Horna – one of the best employees of „Ceļu,tiltu būvnieks” Ltd.

They shared their stories about career development experiences and told how interesting and exciting are to work in road construction industry.