Current road construction projects in 2017

In 2017 „Ceļu,tiltu būvnieks” Ltd. implemented almost 100 large road construction projects – motorway A11, renovation of Krūmu and Grīzupes streets in Liepāja, road construction works in Ventspils. After successfully finishing two parking lot projects for shop-warehouse „Depo” company was pleased with the results and gained experience in Lithuania.

This year extensive road construction works are taking place in Liepāja where currently „Ceļu,tiltu būvnieks” Ltd. implements reconstruction projects of Grīzupes street and Krūmu street. Krūmu street compared to Grīzupes street is actually being rebuilt because before this street reminded of a dusty rural road.

Krūmu street is 880m long and there is plan to pave 7345 m2 of asphalt concrete surface, to install 2133m of road kerbs on concrete base, 1462m sideway kerbs on concrete base and to install 3847m2 of paving stones.

Also 13,459 m2 of greenery work was done. In addition, typical garages will be constructed and 40 trees planted.

Grīzupes street will be renovated from roundabout in Cukura street to the city border. It is planned to pave 34740m2 of asphalt concrete surface, 14900m2 of paving stones, install 13126m of concrete kerbs. Bus stops, bike lanes, sidewalks, rainwater pump station and rainwater drain collectors also will be built. Total length of the street to be reconstructed is 3.5 km

Challenging amounts of construction work and even more challenging construction deadlines “Ceļu,tiltu būvnieks” Ltd have to perform on the one of the most busy roads in the Kurzeme, the motorway A11 (Liepaja – Lithuanian border). Construction started in 2017 and will be completed in 2018.  Project includes constructing the encasing of the asphalt concrete in the area of 71 000 m2 and is expected to be carried out for asphalt recycling works of 66000 m2, the incorporation of mineral materials of 100 000 tonnes, the removal of the plant land in the amount of 40 000 m3, the construction of an embankment of 42 000 m3, and the closure of the slopes with a plant land of 108 000 m2. In addition to the challenging volume of construction works, the deadline for construction works is relatively short, therefore, in the construction of the object, a large amount of construction equipment is used – up to 50 transport and machinery units.

Two construction projects are being implemented in Ventspils – Rūpniecības street and Mēness street. Parking lot and engineering networks were built in Rūpniecības street after order of Ventspils Freeport Authority. For sidewalks, carriageway and parking lot there where installed 290m of concrete kerbs and paved 573m2 of paving stones. “Ceļu,tiltu būvnieks” Ltd. in Mēness street installed 197m of concrete kerbs, paved 774m2 of paving stones, installed metal safety barriers for pedestrians and constructed speed ramp. Also 20 road signs were installed.


“Ceļu,tiltu būvnieks” Ltd. currently implements one construction project in Lithuania. Company is constructing 32000 m2 of pavement under concrete floors and paving 4992m2 of paving stones for needs of shop-warehouse “Depo” in Vilnius. A lot of work already has been done. This is the second construction project implemented in Lithuania.