CTB specialists educate students of LLU

Experienced specialists from “Ceļu, tiltu būvnieks” Ltd.share their knowledge with students of the Faculty of Environment and Building Sciences of The Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies and the head of the construction department.

In December specialists from one of the most well-known road construction companies in the Kurzeme region, –„Ceļu, tiltu būvnieks” Ltd. met with 4th year

students of the Bachelor study program “Construction” of the Faculty of Environment and Building Sciences of the The Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, represented by Sandra Gusta, Head of the Department of Architecture and Construction of the Latvian University of Agriculture.

During the day, students met with a team of experts of „Ceļu,tiltu būvnieks” Ltd.- – Linda Grīna (head of administrative service), Juris Jākobsons (construction supervisor of company), Pēteris Zudavs (household manager) , Raivo Ozoliņš (head of paving industry), Kārlis Žāžis (director of production), Andris Jaunciems (board member of „CTB Betons” Ltd.)

In the first part of the day, “Ceļu, tiltu būvnieks” of specialists together with an experienced construction supervisor shared knowledge about the construction of the newly built company’s office building, its construction challenges and important aspects of the construction organization. The experienced specialists provided detailed answers to issues of interest in future buildings.

In continuation of the meeting the work group learned about activities of the road construction sector, its specificity and development in Latvia.

For students’ versatile insight into road construction, director of production of road construction company “Ceļu, tiltu būvnieks” Ltd.  shared his knowledge about   the process of building basic construction material, asphalt concrete production process, and the diversity of its incorporation.

The new building engineers visited the asphalt concrete plant on site and strengthened their knowledge of the operation and functionality of the plan

Board member of „CTB Betons” Ltd. introduced prospective construction engineers with comprehensive information about concrete plant, its production facilities and concrete usage in road construction.

The work group reviewed and learned about the production processes, capacities and the provision of technical resources for the concrete plant, about the delivery of the concrete and its incorporation into the construction site.

At the end of the visit at „Ceļu,tiltu būvnieks” Ltd.,  working group of The Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies  , along with the experienced head of the paving service, went to the current road construction sites to discuss the possibility of building a modern object.

„Ceļu,tiltu būvnieks” Ltd. thanked the Building Design and Construction Council and The Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies  team for the initiative.