Pedestrian path by A9 road Grobina – Liepaja

asphalted 46 500 m2 | paved 35 760 m2

For safer cycling new pedestrian and bicycle cobblestone path is built that connects Grobina city and Liepaja city. Nearly three kilometres (2.717 km) long path is located along the Liepaja – Riga road. Newly built path is popular not only among cyclists but also for pedestrians, runners, rollers and Nordic walkers. Within the project road paving, construction of road parapets, as well as lighting installation works were performed.

Volume of construction works:
500 m2 – asphalt concrete access road construction
6451 m2 – concrete cobblestone surface paving
5264 m2 – sidewalk border setting
150 m – road border settling
240 m – pedestrian path parapet construction
1 729 m – road parapet construction works