Ganibu and Klaipedas streets, Liepaja

asphalted 11 900 m2 | paved 6 540 m2

“CTB” Ltd. performed construction works of south central street in Liepaja city ensuring extensive soil and road construction works. Liepaja city south central street on Ganibu street stage from M.Kempes street to Klaipedas street and on Klaipedas street stage from Ganibu street to city border, road reconstruction, sidewalks and bicycle path construction, traffic organisation improvement and tree planting is implemented.

Volume of construction works:
13 800 m3 – excess soil removal and export works
19 200 m2 – splinter foundation construction
11 900 m2 – asphalt concrete surface construction
65 40 m2 – concrete cobblestone sidewalk and bicycle path pavement
5 900 m – concrete border construction